Improve safety and performance of your Challenge loader/tractor unit with a counterweight.

A major safety factor in the operation of a front end loader/tractor unit is the stability of the machine whilst lifting and transporting a load.

After fitting a loader, the centre of gravity of the tractor is moved forward. When a load is raised, this combined centre of gravity is moved further forward and higher, potentially moving the centre of gravity outside the base triangle of the tractor, causing instability both longitudinally and laterally. Along with instability, there are high loads placed on tractor front-end components such as tyres, rims and axle.

Traditionally, tractor owners have added ballast to increase the stability of the tractor when a loader is fitted by adding liquid fill to the rear tyres, or fitting rear wheel weights.

Although the addition of liquid fill or rear wheel weights may aid stability, neither will reduce the high front axle load when using the front end loader on the tractor. Also, an unnecessarily large amount of weight is required to achieve a result, increasing total vehicle mass considerably.

The three-point linkage counterweight is designed to enhance the performance of the tractor/loader combination by providing suitable ballast behind the rear axle. Applying weight on the three-point linkage of the tractor will provide the greatest counterbalancing effect as it applies a downward force behind the rear axle, reducing the weight carried by the front tyres, rims and axle. The three-point linkage counterweight will not only reduce the front axle load but will also move the centre of gravity of the tractor/loader combination rearwards, and lower, to maintain stability and ensure safe, effective performance.

The three-point linkage counterweights are supplied without ballast and should be filled with concrete to achieve the designed operational weights. Each tractor and loader specification should be considered when selecting the appropriate counterweight.

Challenge Implements strongly recommends the use of a three-point linkage counterweight to improve both the safety and performance of your Challenge loader/tractor unit.

Challenge Implements has undergone an independent evaluation to ensure that the company complies with the Tractor & Machinery Association of Australia (TMA) code of practice for manufacture and supply of agricultural front end loaders.

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Counterweight Specifications

Weight (empty) 45kg 70kg 175kg 380kg
Weight (full) 360kg 760kg 1220kg 3270kg
Width 560mm 800mm 1015mm 1610mm
Height 780mm 800mm 950mm 1210mm
Depth 480mm 600mm 630mm 715mm
Volume 0.14m³ 0.30m³ 0.49m³ 1.25m³
Linkage category I I II III
Standard hitch Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quick hitch - - Yes Yes

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