Wrapped Silage Handler

The wrapped silage handler is designed to handle wrapped silage bales and round hay bales.

The wrapped silage handler has the ability to handle wrapped silage bales as well as round hay bales. This attachment requires a third hydraulic control circuit to activate the hydraulic cylinder, enabling the arms to open and close as required.

With the arms in the open position and close to the ground, the attachment is driven forward under the bale whilst the bale is laying on its round side. Closing the arms, the large diameter steel tubes roll around the outside of the bale without damaging the plastic, allowing it to be transported. When handling unwrapped hay or straw bales the tubes can be unpinned and slid off, exposing heavy duty tines which can then be driven into the face of the bale. The adjustable arms allow any size bale to be handled securely and safely. Tines fit into a tapered sleeve and are removable. This attachment is designed to carry a maximum of one round wrapped silage bale or one round hay bale. For handling round bales sitting on their flat face, we recommend our Round Wrapped Silage Grab.

Note: The wrapped silage handler is specially built, please contact a Challenge sales representative for further information.

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Wrapped Silage Handler Specifications

Weight 195kg
Length of arms 1120mm
Tines x usage length 2 x 1110mm (Conus II)

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