Light Material Buckets

Light material buckets are designed for handling light materials, such as, grain.

The three light material buckets have different rated capacity and offer different widths. They have been developed to handle larger volumes of lighter material. They have the same features as the general purpose bucket with the addition of internal ribs near the attachment lugs for extra strength in the back of the bucket.

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Light Material Bucket Specifications

Horse power range 55hp-360hp 55hp-360hp 55hp-360hp
Width 1860mm 2160mm 2460mm
Weight 295kg 348kg 360kg
Depth (D¹) 980mm 1087mm 980mm
Overall depth (D²) 1040mm 1160mm 1060mm
Height (H¹) 910mm 940mm 982mm
Struck capacity 0.90m³ 1.20m³ 1.22m³
Rated capacity 1.10m³ 1.45m³ 1.48m³

Attachment Measurements

  •  Width: Measurement of the overall outside width of the bucket in millimetres.
  • Depth (D¹): Horizontal distance in millimetres from tip of blade edge to rearmost vertical inner face of bucket.
  • Overall Depth (D²): Horizontal distance in millimetres from the tip of the blade edge to the furthermost edge of the outer bucket.
  • Height (H¹): Overall vertical height in millimetres from bottom of bucket to top edge of bucket.





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