Choosing the right attachment

Choosing the right attachment to perform your tasks is important. Looking to handle your wrapped silage bales and round hay bales without damaging them, a round wrapped silage grab will do the job.

The round wrapped silage grab has been designed to allow the efficient handling of wrapped silage bales and round hay bales. The large smooth surface area helps prevent damage to the wrapping material on silage bales. This attachment requires a third hydraulic control circuit, through which the grab arms are controlled. Bringing the arms together around the wrapped silage or round bale allows it to be handled, transported and stacked. The Round Wrapped Silage Grab also allows you to rotate the bale through 90° so that you can stack bales on their flat or round sides. An additional cylinder position hole allows the grab arms to be adjusted, allowing most bale sizes to be handled securely and safely.

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