Over 50 years of history

For over 50 years, Challenge Implements has been delivering performance, technology and the ability to choose a front end loader that is right for you and your tractor.

Challenge Implements is a fully Australian-owned third-generation family company.  Challenge commenced manufacturing agricultural implements in Orange in 1957 with two employees and a capital of less than £500. The ultimate aim of the company was to develop a representative range of everyday agricultural equipment. Steps were taken even in the first year of operation to divert every available penny toward the necessary research and development required to produce such equipment.

The year 1962 marked the release of the first Challenge front end loader along with a three-point linkage grader. These products gained immediate market acceptance and established the brand name ‘Challenge’ as implements of good design, robust in construction and offering value for money.

Today Challenge continues to grow by expanding its operations throughout Australia. This allows Challenge to continue to support Australian farmers with fast, prompt and reliable service, with equipment designed by Australians for Australian conditions.  From the very first loader made by Challenge in 1962, this Australian-owned company and its brand has created enviable traditions of world-class engineering, excellence and innovation.

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