Rock Buckets

Rock buckets allow operators to dig and remove rocks from loose soil, and more.

The Challenge rock bucket supplements our large range of standard and multi-purpose buckets for tractor front end loader usage. The rock bucket has many uses including; levelling, collecting materials for removal, general clean up around the work site, sifting rocks and other debris from soil leaving clean fill that can be used for other purposes. The heavy duty high grade steel blade edge with individual tine reinforcement increases the strength and life span of the attachment.

The Challenge rock bucket can sift rocks from soil collected in the bucket larger than the 55mm gap between the tines. The rock bucket also has the ability to sort larger rocks which some dedicated rock pickers can struggle with. The bucket is designed to help increase the ability to scoop up smaller rocks on flat surfaces (i.e. small rocks collected in wind rows in open paddocks) but the bucket does not replace the function of a dedicated rock picker that can collect individual small rocks from flat, harder surfaces.

The Challenge Rock Bucket is ideal for many kinds of work with varying needs.